The 4mm wide Tonight alliance is an alliance with a beautiful and very original design. An alliance of 18 carat yellow gold based on a design that has a curved surface and finished in gold tinted with two outer bands in polished mirror shine. Perfect wedding band for couples who want an alliance with traditional measures but with a different point with a design that the years will not detract from beauty.


The Tonight wedding band is a simple but very original design. It is a yellow gold ring made in 18 carats combining traditional and traditional techniques with more innovative ones that allow excellent care in the finishes of the jewel. The Tonight wedding band presents a curved surface finished in gold with two bands on the outside finished in polished mirror shine. It is also a very comfortable wedding ring, ideal for all types of hands, very appropriate for people who want a very discreet, elegant and simple wedding band with a different touch. It can be customized with the comfort finish that gives great comfort to the jewel and allows engraving inside.

In short, a wedding ring of gold with a simple and elegant design with good grammage. Perfect to carry daily throughout life.

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